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Word From The Amazing Kreskin

183303_1673697279814_1158897579_31402264_1743454_nWhat’s On Kreskin’s Mind:   Kreskin’s friends, fans, and associates do not have to be a mentalist to know what’s on his mind. He’s been living with it for one year and four months, since he wrote a Prediction out on the Jimmy Fallon Show on July 25, 2011. With copies going to three other sources, he has attempted to predict the results of this Tuesday’s Presidential election.
He has stated many times…that he has been absolutely certain he correctly predicted the results…..however, the only contingency that he’s ever felt about predictions of this kind, especially over such a long range, is the one factor that could alter his success, and that is a national disaster.

To be continued……….
Tune in to the Jimmy Fallon Show on NBC this Wednesday, Nov. 7th, 2012… to see if Kreskin is correct!

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