2 Vampire Books …. 1 low price

Liquid Diet & Midnight Snack

From LIQUID DIET & MIDNIGHT SNACK: “The Evil One brought us to his ancient castle in Romania. The place looked like something out of a low-budget Dracula movie: dark, dreary and damp. Condensation dripped down the dirty walls. “He led us …down a spiral stone staircase and opened a steel door at the bottom. We entered a room draped in spider webs. “In the center of the room was an Egyptian sarcophagus. The Evil One lifted the heavy lid and slipped inside. Lying down, he quickly closed it again without saying a word. “We heard some footsteps coming down the stairs. When the rusty door opened, a man wearing a black cape and top hat entered. He was dressed in Bruxelles lace and white gloves and was carrying a walking stick. It was The Count, in the flesh….”



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