Monster Behind The Wheel gets 5 Star Review


Keith Milstead did a 5 star review of MONSTER BEHIND THE WHEEL … which is awesome. Keith’s review of MONSTER BEHIND THE WHEEL by Michael McCarty & Mark McLaughlin joins good company of other reviews such as:
“A lyrical powerhouse of a story. Vivid as road burn. Sexy as a hot rod.” ~ Simon Clark, Bram Stoker Award–Nominated Author of NAILED BY THE HEART

“. . . bizarre, amusing, unsettling, and just outright weird. . . .” ~ Don D’Ammassa, Horror Reviews
“The authors… go from zero to insane in the space of a few mere words, leading the reader on a master hell ride . . . a kind of Fellini-esque horror story, giving the reader a world in which one does not know whether to laugh or cry. . . .” ~ Cristopher DeRose, Cemetery Dance Magazine and the novel TO CAST A VIOLENT SHADOW
“Watch your rearview mirror, because a hurricane of street thrills, weird sex, graphic horror, and big laughs is roaring up your tailpipe!” ~ Judy Comeau, Creature Feature Tombkeeper
“This novel is a surreal helter-skelter ride of thrills, humor, lust, gut-wrenching horror, and cosmic awe.” ~ Dave, Hellnotes

BTW, here is Keith Milstead’s review:

Monster behind the wheel is a carnival ride…fun and scary February 10, 2013

After completing MONSTER BEHIND THE WHEEL by Michael McCarty and Mark McLaughlin, all I could say was wow! This book has it all, zombies, possession, a Texas setting and living dead women as well as a pitch black Barracuda. This book and the talent of the two authors take the reader on a wild ride. Instead of a haunted house, you have a haunted car, possessed by the spirit of a demonic, murdering, graft taking, drug dealing, pimp police officer, Frank Edmondson who committed suicide. Jeremy Carmichael is the poor soul that buys the car. Jeremy is a man that has been victimized all his life. From childhood, when he fell from a carnival ride, killing a carnival attendee through losing his parents and then to add insult to injury, he is mangled in a car wreck, where he meets the aforementioned Barracuda and with some interesting payment agreements, takes possession of the car and found that he is able to crossover to the Land of the Dead, where the world goes horribly wrong but the characters Jeremy meets are quite interesting. McCarty and McLaughlin combine humor and terror to take the reader on a rollercoaster ride from HELL.
This book is set in Texas where I was born and raised and it brings me back to the days of cruising the back streets of the Dallas and surrounding settings. The authors bring this setting to life in my mind due to the accuracy of their prose. Mike and Mark are both incredible authors who are capable of taking your imagination to its limits and then thrusting you a few more feet beyond. This is a tale of horror and fantasy, of life and death and of, wait for it…man’s inhumanity to man and beast. The story takes you to a place you would never want to go in reality but if you have that dark side, like I do, relish in the opportunity. I enjoyed every freaking page of this story. It is a tale you won’t want to put down. It gives you a look at the potential of being able to start over in your life with all the knowledge you attained through your previous life. After reading this book, you will definitely feel the need to grab up all the works of these two guys. I cannot recommend this book enough for a fun romp through life, purgatory and Hell.

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