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Rusty The Robot Interview: Sherry Decker & Michael McCarty

Rusty The Robot’s Holiday Adventures authors Sherry Decker and Michael McCarty talk about the book, the Golden Age of Science Fiction, collaborations, children literature and so much more….

Click to access InterviewforRustytheRobot.pdf

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The first review of RUSTY THE ROBOT

Book Rack (April 2013) 003Rusty The Robot (2)

Don D’Ammassa’s review of RUSTY THE ROBOT’S HOLIDAY ADVENTURE by Sherry Decker & Michael McCarty
(Below is the review and on the comments are where to get it on Amazon and B&N)

Rusty the Robot’s Holiday Adventures by Sherry Decker & Michael McCarty, Pie Plate Publishing, 2013, $9.95, ISBN 978-0-9855906-5-9

This is a children’s book, a humorous adventure about the discovery in the far future of a sentient robot from the past. Each of the nine chapters – separate stories almost – deals with the robot’s reaction to another holiday, Halloween, Christmas, etc. Although there is a good deal of humor, the book is surprisingly serious much of the time. It’s not a particularly plausible future and we don’t see a lot about the world except through the curiosity of Rusty. It’s obviously not intended for an adult audience but some will find it entertaining if lightweight.

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Some Like It Hotter: Bloodlust Interview of Michael McCarty & Jody LaGreca

(The cover of BLOODLUST)

(Jody LaGreca & Michael McCarty)

(Jody LaGreca)

(Michael McCarty)


(Bloodline ebook)

(Bloodline trade paperback)

The Bloodlust interview with Jody R. LaGreca & Michael McCarty about our sexy and scary vampire series

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Donna Beckley Galanti’s Interview with Michael McCarty

MM & Bookrack 001Donna Beckley Galanti Interview With Michael McCarty

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