The first review of RUSTY THE ROBOT

Book Rack (April 2013) 003Rusty The Robot (2)

Don D’Ammassa’s review of RUSTY THE ROBOT’S HOLIDAY ADVENTURE by Sherry Decker & Michael McCarty
(Below is the review and on the comments are where to get it on Amazon and B&N)

Rusty the Robot’s Holiday Adventures by Sherry Decker & Michael McCarty, Pie Plate Publishing, 2013, $9.95, ISBN 978-0-9855906-5-9

This is a children’s book, a humorous adventure about the discovery in the far future of a sentient robot from the past. Each of the nine chapters – separate stories almost – deals with the robot’s reaction to another holiday, Halloween, Christmas, etc. Although there is a good deal of humor, the book is surprisingly serious much of the time. It’s not a particularly plausible future and we don’t see a lot about the world except through the curiosity of Rusty. It’s obviously not intended for an adult audience but some will find it entertaining if lightweight.

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