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You’ve Been Slime (an excerpt from PARTNERS IN SLIME) By Michael McCarty & Mark McLaughlin

Mark & MikePartners in Slime

The glow grew steadily brighter and nearer, until at last she could see that the light was coming from a strange stone lantern, held in the air by – what? She had no idea what this strange being could possible be.

Heading toward her down a high corridor of cream-colored stone was an abomination worse than any fantastical devil from a Hieronymus Bosch painting.

The creature had a puffy, tubular body with a multitude of pincer-legs, like a caterpillar. It also had long, heavily veined spiral wings. Even though Bobbie was frightened and in intense pain, her powers of observation were still fully functional. She found herself wondering how any creature could fly with such an awkward body and misshapen wings.

The head of the monstrosity didn’t have a brainpan – it was just a gaping mouth filled with crooked, needlelike teeth. The thick lips were dotted with small, black eyes. At the base of the wings was a melon-sized, knobby hump. Bobbie figured, this had to hold the brain of the creature. A thick cluster of thick, lashing tendrils grew out of the top of the hump. The lamp was held up high by one of these tendrils.

Bobbie suddenly saw that York was walking behind the monster. He staggered a little, as though he were drunk. His face registered no emotion whatsoever. He simply stared ahead with complete disinterest.

The creature carefully set the lantern on the floor. York walked around the bizarre behemoth and came toward Bobbie….

— An excerpt from “The Resurrection of Ghattambah,” one of the many ‪#‎horror‬ stories in the collection, PARTNERS IN SLIME by Michael McCarty and Mark McLaughlin. Available as a trade paperback or ‪#‎Kindle‬ download. Check it out here:


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10 Questions with Michael McCarty

Ryan Schneider’s 10 question interview with horror and science fiction author Michael McCarty

Vampire Mike

Ryan Schneider does an excellent job here:

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