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Dark Duets: Musical Mayhem

Michael McCarty assembles his “dream team” horror band, drawing on the talents of collaborators Mark McLaughlin, P.D. Cacek, Michael Romkey, Charlee Jacob, Jeffrey Thomas, Cindy McCarty, Teri A. Jacobs, R.L. Fox, Christopher DeRose, and Sandy DeLuca. This is a music-themed horror collection like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

Critical acclaim for the collaborations of Michael McCarty:

“City of Two-Thousand Sins” — Honorable Mention 2002, The Year’s Best Fantasy And Horror

“Then there’s the weird fascinating collaboration between Michael McCarty and Mark McLaughlin — think The Bible meets The Lottery for post-holocaust SF.” — Jim Lee, Scavenger’s Newsletter

“Veteran horror writers Michael McCarty and Mark McLaughlin team up on ‘City Of Two-Thousand Sins,’ a dark and gloomy depiction of what hell might be like and where it might be located — in this case, Las Vegas. McCarty and McLaughlin are deft storytellers and the conclusion to this gripping tale of what happens when sin becomes the law is blasphemous, chilling and unexpected.” — Tod Goldberg, author of Living Dead Girl and Fake Liar Cheat

“Military Mite” — “My two favorites in Warfear were by Jeffrey Thomas and Mark McLaughlin’s collaboration with Michael McCarty.” — Don D’Ammassa, Chronicle
Dark Duets

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