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Lost Girl of the Lake (review)

Lost Girl of the Lake by Joe McKinney and Michael McCarty, published by Bad Moon Books, just received “five severed heads” reviews on Wartooth Ebooks Lost Girl of the Lake… ghghghLost Girl of the Lake

Lost Girl of the Lake is a co-written novella by Michael McCarty and Joe McKinney, and I’m not exaggerating when I say this book has it all. The social turmoil of 1961 comes to life in the Lake Livingston resort community. The relationships in this Lovecraftian coming of age story draw from the landscapes of civil rights, social class divisions, and women’s rights. Mark Gaitlin is the 15 year old son of a wealthy attorney and completely unenthused by his family’s yearly vacation to the lake. His father tries to share some bonding time on the drive up by telling his son about the town their ancestors founded generations ago, but Mark isn’t interested. His first night at the resort, not having all that much fun, Mark leaves a party early. Out by the dark waters, he meets a mysterious teenage girl. The intense experience he has with her is the beginning of a dark adventure. It feels like an episode of the “Wonder Years” in its depiction of adolescence and a Joe Lansdale novel with its haunting authenticity. Mark’s obsession with the girl reveals a connection to his own life that is both poignant and disturbing. This is a solid entry into the horror lexicon, and the malevolent force that reveals itself to Mark is a fresh invention built with the cold nuts and bolts H. P. Lovecraft’s ancient evils. I couldn’t wait to see how it ended, and I was not disappointed. This was easy for me, five severed heads.

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