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Here Comes The Bride … Of The Monster


New Release: BRIDE OF THE TWO-HEADED POETRY MONSTER from Wilder Publications features a wide array of horror and dark fantasy poems by Bram Stoker Award-winning author Mark McLaughlin and Bram Stoker Award finalist Michael McCarty. In this collection, you will find such weird and wild poems as:

● “Here Comes The Bride Of Frankenstein” by Michael McCarty & Mark McLaughlin
● “I Is For Internet Witch” by Mark McLaughlin
● “Icarus Dreams” by Michael McCarty
● “Mom And Dad Went Insane And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt” by Mark McLaughlin
● “She’s My Bela Lugosi” by Michael McCarty
● “Ten Things To Feed An Infant Zombie, Should You Find Yourself Having To Care For One” by Mark McLaughlin
● “Cleopatra’s Song” by Michael McCarty
● Plus many more by both authors

McLaughlin and McCarty are the co-authors of the supernatural horror novel, MONSTER BEHIND THE WHEEL, and the horror fiction collection, PARTNERS IN SLIME. Plus, they’ve written many other books, articles and short stories together. Both authors also have successful solo writing careers.

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Free Versing for “Free Verse”

I’m featured in “Free Verse” article for the Newsletter of The Book Rack, Quad Cities, where I will be doing my April 12th signing, from noon – 3:30 pm

MM & Bookrack 001

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