Work Is Hell

A Hell Of A Job540655_3164809956699_1158897579_32357069_1110227000_n

How would you like to have Count Dracula as your boss?

Work is Hell

Michael McCarty, Bram Stoker Finalist and David R. Collins’ Literary Achievement Winner from the Midwest Writing Center tries to bring a smile to the horrors of the workplace. His fifth short story collection features 25 short stories that range from scary to funny … from twisted science-fiction to frightening fantasy. You’ll find dinosaurs in the office, mad scientist’s interns, Scrooge in the future, an evil ice cream man, slacker superheroes, space rats, vampires, the Grim Reaper, cannibals, Satan and a whole lot more. Introduction by Amy Grech, afterword by J.R. LaGreca.

“Fans of dark fiction will find it difficult – perhaps impossible – to find a more eclectic and diverse combination of scary, amusing, erotic, futuristic, nostalgic, gothic or outright funny stories between the covers of a book. Michael McCarty has a gift for clever plots and bizarre characters, and for knowing other writers who want to team up with him to create a collection of wacky and off-the-wall tales. A Hell of a Job is for anyone who enjoys a good smirk, smile, shiver, grin or grimace while they read. A Hell of a Job is a mix of both dark and light horror, and was obviously written by a crowd of unstable eccentrics – and that’s a considerable compliment” -Sherry Decker co-author of Rusty the Robot’s Holiday Adventures

“Hate your day job or your night job? I’ve got one ‘hell’ of a story collection for you. Michael McCarty’s A Hell of a Job is hilarious, wild and loads of fun!” –Nate Kenyon, award-winning author of The Bone Factory and Sparrow Rock

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