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A Hell Of A Summer

A Hell Of A Job

It is summer time … BBQs … swimming … vacations … and reruns

I know you are not suppose to talk about work during the summer … but here are too post promoting my book A HELL OF A JOB.

They are reruns … so they fit right into summer:

The Review:

The Interview:

A 4-star book review on Amazon

Another fun book by award winning author, Mike McCarty
By Lyle Ernst on October 11, 2010

Mike McCarty’s latest book, his fifth in a series of short story collections, features 25 short stories that range from scary to funny. It contains clever plots with bizarre characters that are forced to work for a living if they want to survive, or at least, eat on a regular basis.
Stories featured include an evil ice cream man, a mad scientist’s interns, Stan the Slacker, a Zombie princess, a constipated cannibal, and my personal favorite, “Geeks, Freaks, Weenies and Creeps, and How to Identify Them.”
A Hell of a Job is a mix of both light and dark horror, wacky and off-the-wall tales that will make you smile and shiver.

Kindle & Trade paperback (Amazon):

Trade paperback (Barnes & Noble)

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Master of the Interview


Author and good friend Joyce Godwin Grubbs once made me a banner that said “Master of the Interview.” I, of course, was humbled by such a compliment. I have been doing interviews now for over four decades, it is something I can do well. I leave it up to the readers to decided if I “mastered” it or not.

My first book GIANTS OF THE GENRE, Wildside Press, 1993 was a book of interviews. Since then I also did MORE GIANTS OF THE GENRE (also with Wildside Press) and CONVERSATIONS WITH KRESKIN (Team Kreskin), co-written with The Amazing Kreskin. All those titles are still in print and available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

My other interview books MODERN MYTHMAKERS, MASTERS OF IMAGINATION and ESOTERIA-LAND are currently out of print. I have one publisher interested in MODERN MYTHMAKERS and another in ESOTERIA-LAND. They may be end up in print again. Wish me luck, I can use all the luck I can get.

If you are interested in good nonfiction interviews with horror, science fiction and fantasy writers and filmmakers, please check out GIANTS OF THE GENRE, MORE GIANTS OF THE GENRE (both from Wildside Press) and CONVERSATIONS WITH KRESKIN (Team Kreskin).

Thank you, God bless and Godspeed


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