A Hell Of A Summer

A Hell Of A Job

It is summer time … BBQs … swimming … vacations … and reruns

I know you are not suppose to talk about work during the summer … but here are too post promoting my book A HELL OF A JOB.

They are reruns … so they fit right into summer:

The Review:


The Interview:

A 4-star book review on Amazon

Another fun book by award winning author, Mike McCarty
By Lyle Ernst on October 11, 2010

Mike McCarty’s latest book, his fifth in a series of short story collections, features 25 short stories that range from scary to funny. It contains clever plots with bizarre characters that are forced to work for a living if they want to survive, or at least, eat on a regular basis.
Stories featured include an evil ice cream man, a mad scientist’s interns, Stan the Slacker, a Zombie princess, a constipated cannibal, and my personal favorite, “Geeks, Freaks, Weenies and Creeps, and How to Identify Them.”
A Hell of a Job is a mix of both light and dark horror, wacky and off-the-wall tales that will make you smile and shiver.

Kindle & Trade paperback (Amazon):

Trade paperback (Barnes & Noble)

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