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5 Weird Things I Keep Inside My Desk

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I write horror and science fiction … so I am bound to have a few eccentricities, nothing you can lock me up for. I have a handful of strange items that I keep inside my desk. Please let me explain them, then they might not be as odd as they appear.

1) A coffin nail. I bought this at some freak boutique in Minneapolis. The shop owner assured me that the nails were from a coffin in Haiti and went on to say, it was used in some voodoo rituals and zombies and all that jazz and I could have all three nails for three dollars, a dollar a nail. I was a bit skeptical. The nails were rusty, they seemed a bit small to be used to nail a coffin down. The shop owner sensed my disbelief and dropped it down to only .75 cents, which is only a quarter a nail.
I never did take these nails out of my desk, but two of the nails disappeared.
The reason I put it in my desk: I write horror. Nail coffin or not, it is still creepy.

2) Plastic wasp. I bought this at the Mall of America.
The reason I put it in my desk: I thought it was cool. But here is the strange thing. Ever since I did this, real wasps have flew into my office, maybe over a dozen. I should get rid of it, but have grown too attached to it.

3) Stones. A “bloodstone” … I think and a jade stone. I became fascinated with bloodstones after reading Nate Kenyon’s debut novel BLOODSTONE. Jade is suppose to bring you good luck. In Bentley Little’s novel THE SUMMONING jade was used to kill the Chinese vampire …. good luck and a vampire killer, it is a good thing to keep around.

4) My “Rat Poison” coin, I also found on another street. It was cool, I picked it up. I used it for inspiration when working on the short story “Night of the Squealers” co-written with Mark McLaughlin, which appeared in A HELL OF A JOB and PARTNERS IN SLIME, published by Damnation Books.

5) A bullet. Actually a “38 Special P” bullet. I found this one day, when I was walking down the street around the time I started writing my book LIQUID DIET. The bullet wasn’t fired. Not sure why it was just lying on the road. But I picked it up and stuffed it into my pocket.
The reason I put it in my desk: I figured if things ever got grisly enough when I was writing one of my books, I could take out the ammo and “bite the bullet.” After over 30 books, I haven’t had to do this yet.

That concludes the tour of the Weird Things in Michael McCarty’s desk, I hope you enjoyed the tour.

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