“The Glowing Dead” (in LAUGHING IN THE DARK)

A Flood, zombies that glow and a love triangle are shaken together like a dirty Martini in “The Glowing Dead.”

“The Glowing Dead ” by Michael McCarty & Jody LaGreca is a zombie love story with a twist. This is one of the many tales that appear in the LAUGHING IN THE DARK collection.

“The Glowing Dead”:

When floodwater from Black Lake fills the abandoned Corcoran Chemical warehouse in Angel Falls, Florida, the water turns blood red and apocalyptic. The lake rises and floods Lazarus Cemetery releasing several hundred rotting corpses. The cadavers float to the top like an incubating brew of zombies glowing from the chemical substances of the abandoned plant. Then in the darkness of evening one by one — they come back to life, and thrash in the water, moaning guttural sounds which threaten the entire town.

Laughing In The Dark

(Laughing In The Dark)


(the original cover for The Glowing Dead, artwork by Lee “Goatboy” Hartnup)_

Beautiful, flaxen-haired Sheriff Courtney Strout, of Angel Falls needs more than her shotgun when she and her son Jimmy are stranded in a fishing boat on Black Lake. They fight for their lives when community members, now transformed into zombies, reveal secrets of their former lives before they move in to attack. Will Courtney survive the carnage — when her life becomes overturned by betrayal and vengeance?


(The cover for The Glowing Dead)

5555Glowing Dead

(Previous cover for The Glowing Dead)


(Photo of Michael McCarty & Friends … or is that fiends?)


(Photo of Jody LaGreca)





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3 responses to ““The Glowing Dead” (in LAUGHING IN THE DARK)

  1. lexacain

    Looks great! 🙂

  2. Thanks … and is only .99 cents … you can’t beat that.

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