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A great review of BLOODLESS by Don D’Ammassa

A great review of BLOODLESS by Don D’Ammassa

Bloodless 2

(Cover of BLOODLESS the trade paperback)

“Bloodless by Michael McCarty & Jody R. La Greca, CreateSpace, 2015, $14.99, ISBN 979-1514853733
The vampire protagonist of this novel manages to survive the sinking of the Lusitania and the burning of the Hindenburg, then makes a new life for himself in the US working as a substitute teacher (the authors pick and choose which vampire attributes apply). There he turns some of his students into minions and keeps his nature secret from the rest but he perhaps unwisely decides to marry a woman he has turned, and she is determined to be a good vampire. Obviously this is not conducive to a quiet and happy home life, particularly when he adopts the minions. At times this one is quite serious; at other times it feels like a sly spoof of the genre. First in a series. 9/18/15”


(Cover of BLOODLESS the ebook)

Vampire Mike

(Michael McCarty)


(Jody LaGreca)


(Kindle & Trade Paperback)

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Writing: Dreams And Nightmares by Michael McCarty

For me, writing has always been like dreaming, except you do it when you’re awake. Instead of being asleep – you put these dreams down on paper so other people can dream, too. Soon those dreams are felt all over the world.
I have been writing for forty years now. I wrote for ten years before I even received a payment and that was so special – to get paid for my dreams. I became a professional dreamer. I wrote my first professional newspaper article in 1983, my first magazine article in 1993 and my first book in 2003. And in 2015, three books – it is my year of dreams.

MM & Bookrack 001

(Michael McCarty)

I am constantly asked, “Why would you want to interview horror science fiction writers?”
When newspaper reporters ask me this question, I feel as though I have been consigned to the literary ghetto: horror, science fiction, fantasy. Those are the bad places. Why would you want to go there?
I have no simple answer, no sound bite I can give. My answer is that this is who I am. When I was a kid, I thought science fiction writers actually lived on other planets and sent their stories to Earth via rocket ships.


(David Morrell)

It wasn’t until college that I even met a real writer. This first professional writer I met was David Morrell, the author of FIRST BLOOD and literary father of RAMBO, whom I met at a party at the University of Iowa. I told him how I loved his book, and I wanted to be a writer, too. He smiled, gave me some great advice that I still keep close to my heart: “This is a tough profession. Not for the faint of heart. Keep up the good fight.” Then he asked me when was the last time I had written anything and I told him “Fifteen minutes before coming to this party.” I told him I write every day, and I still do.


(Giants of the Genre)

The day GIANTS OF THE GENRE arrived at my home was the same day that The Amazing Kreskin (who is also in the book) was performing in my hometown at Circa 21. Before intermission, Kreskin talked about GIANTS OF THE GENRE. He introduced me from the stage and had me stand up to take a bow. Kreskin clapped, and everyone in the audience clapped. I felt like I had just won an Oscar. I do interviews. This is my job. No need for applause. Ironically, fast-forward ten years later, I co-wrote CONVERSATIONS WITH KRESKIN, a book about Kreskin’s life. Small world.


(The Amazing Kreskin and Michael McCarty – photo by Raymond Congrove)


(Conversations with Kreskin)

I’ve been very blessed in my writing career to have over 35 books published and that is only in ten years. Please let me indulge in a little self-promotion and tell you about two of those books:

The first one is A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FIENDS it is a short story collection. If you like zombie stories, people turning invisible tales and zombie yarns, then this is the book for you. And if you like The Beatles ditto. The cover is a takeoff of The Beatles’ SGT. PEPPER artwork (done by the talented Mark McLaughlin …who also co-wrote some of the stories in the collection as well), but instead of the Fab Four, we have the Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, The Wolfman and Bride of Frankenstein posing with me. Plus we have a couple of Beatle-ish horror adventures too.



LOST GIRL OF THE LAKE, co-written with Joe McKinney. The book was a Bram Stoker Finalist for Long Fiction. Lake Livingston: August, 1961. Mark Gaitlin is 15, the son of one of the wealthiest men in Texas, and on the most boring summer vacation of his life. His days are filled with the pomp and circumstance of country club life, while his nights are a parade of one embarrassment after another at the hands of giggling teenage girls. But the piney woods above Lake Livingston are dark at night, and hold many secrets for an impressionable youngster on the cusp of becoming a man. And one night, after skinny-dipping in the lake with a mysterious local girl, Mark Gaitlin’s life takes a crazy turn into the fire and brimstone religion of backwoods snake handlers and abandoned villages haunted by old family secrets. If he can survive the snakes and the ghosts and his own family’s dark history, he just might make it out of the woods alive. And something else…he just might become a man.

Lost Girl of the Lake


Ever wanted to hang out with legends like Ray Bradbury Matheson Matheson, Dean Koontz or Elvira? This is your chance to hear fun anecdotes and career advice from a wide range of Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy authors and filmmakers. MODERN MYTHMAKERS is a collection of 35 interviews from the giants of the genre. I am extremely proud of this book.


(Ray Bradbury)

1 richard matheson

(Richard Matheson)

1 dean koontz

(Dean Koontz)



Modern Mythmakers Cover

(Modern Mythmakers)

Here are the links for the books listed above:




Kindle & Paperback

Nook & Paperback






Kindle & Paperback

Nook & paperback;jsessionid=5DDC3AB247B3CF6280584AE04320E6E7.prodny_store01-2?ean=2940014955324


Kindle & Paperback


The ebook is only .99 cents!!!

Interviews with Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues, Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong, Terry Pratchett, Mojo Nixon, Bobcat Goldthwait and many more…


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