A great review of BLOODLESS by Don D’Ammassa

A great review of BLOODLESS by Don D’Ammassa

Bloodless 2

(Cover of BLOODLESS the trade paperback)

“Bloodless by Michael McCarty & Jody R. La Greca, CreateSpace, 2015, $14.99, ISBN 979-1514853733
The vampire protagonist of this novel manages to survive the sinking of the Lusitania and the burning of the Hindenburg, then makes a new life for himself in the US working as a substitute teacher (the authors pick and choose which vampire attributes apply). There he turns some of his students into minions and keeps his nature secret from the rest but he perhaps unwisely decides to marry a woman he has turned, and she is determined to be a good vampire. Obviously this is not conducive to a quiet and happy home life, particularly when he adopts the minions. At times this one is quite serious; at other times it feels like a sly spoof of the genre. First in a series. 9/18/15”


(Cover of BLOODLESS the ebook)

Vampire Mike

(Michael McCarty)


(Jody LaGreca)



(Kindle & Trade Paperback)


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