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The Amazing Kreskin’s on Liquid Diet & Midnight Snack ….

The Amazing Kreskin’s kind words about LIQUID DIET & MIDNIGHT SNACK by Michael McCarty

“Horror story writer Michael McCarty has done it again. This time he has released a satirical new novel dealing with vampires titled appropriately Midnight Snack. And don’t you know, one of the pivotal figures in the story is The Amazing Kreskin. Indeed, aside from attempting to protect and warn people of the impending dangers surrounding vampirism, Kreskin is ordained by the Gothic Vampire Church to marry a couple.

The irony of the wedding scenario is that some years ago, a prominent photographer, whose dad was a noted author in the area of psychology and hypnosis, approached and convinced Kreskin to perform his wedding ceremony. Kreskin was given special permission so that inevitably he was able to legitimately and legally marry the photographer and his fiancé.”


(A photo of The Amazing Kreskin and Michael McCarty – Photo by Raymond Congrove)


(Liquid Diet & Midnight Snack – Trade Paperback)


(Trade Paperback)


Here is the link to The Amazing Kreskin’s blog about the book:

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