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R.I.P. George Romero

George Romero and friends … or is that fiends?

George A. Romero (February 4, 1940 – July 16, 2017) was an American-Canadian filmmaker, writer and editor, best known for his series of gruesome and satirical horror films about an imagined zombie apocalypse, beginning with Night of the Living Dead (1968), which is often considered a progenitor of the fictional zombie of modern culture. Other films in the series include Dawn of the Dead (1978) and Day of the Dead (1985), Land of the Dead (2005), Diary of the Dead (2007) and Survivial of the Dead (2009). Aside from the Dead series, his works include The Crazies (1973), Martin (1978), Creepshow (1982), Monkey Shines (1988), The Dark Half (1993) and Bruiser (2000). He also created and executive produced the television series Tales from the Darkside (1983–1988).

Romero is often noted as an influential pioneer of the horror film genre, and has been called an “icon” and the “Father of the Zombie Film

The Day I ALMOST interviewed George Romero
By Michael McCarty

I came very, very close to interviewing George Romero. I was scheduled to talk to him, but his PR guy, mixed up the times (he was on West Coast time and I’m on Central time)…. so all I got was George calling my answering machine saying, “Mike… are you there?”

(I included the interviews below the MODERN MYTHMAKERS links)

However, Mark McLaughlin and I did interview several of the cast and crew of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD for my mega book of interviews:


Kyra Schon who played the little girl in the movie

John Russo who co-written the script and produced the movie

Russell Streiner who played Johnny in the movie and also produced it

All these interviews and more are in MODERN MYTHMAKERS … right now, the ebook and nook are only .99 cents. Links are below:



By Michael McCarty & Mark McLaughlin

1) How much of the zombie behavior in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD was mapped out in advance? Did you establish what behaviors zombies could or could not do?

2) In LAND OF THE DEAD the zombie Big Daddy, among others, exhibits learned behavior – for example – they get used to fireworks. Is that showing the zombies are learning, evolving or doing something else?

3) Tell us about the souped-up Dead Reckoning truck. Where did you get the idea for that?

4) There are no CGI effects in LAND OF THE DEAD. Was this an artistic or financial decision?

5) The world of LAND OF THE DEAD shows a big divide between the privileged and the downtrodden – the haves and the have nots. Do you think the United States is leading toward that direction?

6) DAY OF THE DEAD came out in 1985 and LAND OF THE DEAD came out in 2005. Why did it take two decades to do the fourth installment of the living dead series?

7) The zombies in your living dead series are of the slow moving variety. The zombies in 28 DAYS LATER, the remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD and RESIDENT EVIL are much more quicker. Any thoughts on why those other zombies operate in a faster pace?

8) What was it like to work with Dennis Hopper? Was he a fan of your zombie movies? Dennis is very conservative, while your more liberal. Any political debates on the set?

9) With each successive living dead movie, the female roles seem more active and determined. Was that a conscious decision, or just the way it worked out?

10) These days, low-budget, direct-to-video zombie movies are popping up like mushrooms in a forest after a rainstorm. Does that help or hurt sales and the reputation of your living dead movies?

11) Some of the low-budget zombies pay homage – or actually lift elements from your living dead movies. How do you feel about that – flattered or frustrated?

12) Many of your movies have had run-in with the ratings board, the MPAA. Are they doing their job or protecting the public or are they stifling your artistry?

13) What is the symbolic significance of the featureless white mask in BRUISER?

14) The ending of MARTIN seems to cry out for a follow up. Were you ever tempted to do a sequel?

15) Hollywood remade DAWN OF THE DEAD and DAY OF THE DEAD and is remaking THE CRAZIES. Do you think a remake of MARTIN will take place? Would you dive that project a thumbs-up?

16) Tom Savini was supposed to do the special effects for the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD film, but he was drafted and went to Vietnam. How would the movie been different if he’d done the special effects?

17) MONKEYSHINES was your only movie with an animal main character. How’d you like working with a monkey? How well did the monkey take directions?

18) What was your favorite story in CREEPSHOWS?

19) You’ve directed movies based on Stephen Kings’ works, like CREEPSHOW and THE DARK HALF. Are there any other Stephen King stories or novels you’d like to turn into a movie?

20) Last words?

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