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R.I.P. 2017

R.I.P. 2017
By Michael McCarty

2017 was an emotional roller coaster ride – the year had several highs and lows, twists and turns – and I was happy just to get off the damn thing by the end.

2017 was also a year of some substantial life changing events: some of them were wonderful, some of them were tragic. I will get to that in a bit….

2017 started out with a ruckus … the apartment, where Cindy and I lived for the last 20 years was sold (in October 2016) to a new landlord. So on January 1st, 2017, when most people were nursing a hangover, we had to listen to renovations and remodeling above us and below us, which lasted about 3 months.

Almost nonstop

And finally, when the noise stopped. The new tenants moved in and the noise continued but even louder — it sounded like a herd of rhinos was living above us.

I couldn’t write anymore because of all the noise.
Both myself and my wife lost a lot of sleep because of all the commotion.

When I confronted the new landlord about it — he said the reason for the noise was because they had stripped out all the carpet on the floors, because the new tenants like the hard wood floors.

This is the simple most stupidest thing I have ever heard….

I will get back to this later.

Also during this time, my brother Steve and family moved to the state of Washington.

In the meantime, I did finally have a book get published. The trade paperback of BLOODLINE (it was previously published by Start / Simon & Schuster).

In the meantime, my job at Orkin Pest Control just wasn’t paying that well … I was struggling to get the monthly bills paid

Cindy & I received a discount ticket and with some money we made from turning in cans, go to the Beatles exhibit at The Putnam museum

Michael McCarty with an Abby Road backdrop

Then the year took a turn for the worst, getting in a car accident, that cost $1,000 out of pocket and raised my insurance

Two weeks later, Mark McLaughlin and I do a panel about Batman at the QC Planet Comic & Art Convention in Rock Island to a packed room and it was a raging success…

Harley Quinn cosplay player and horror author Michael McCarty

Michael McCarty, Dr. Death & Mark McLaughlin

Michael McCarty, Mark McLaughlin & their book DRACULA TRANSFORMED

The Midnight Mausoleum ladies: Robyn Graves & Marlena Midnight and horror author Michael McCarty in the middle

During the 4th of July holiday I got to visit with my cousins whom I haven’t seen in ages: Jeff James (who is living in Washington state), Kevin Sims (Florida) and Gary Stewart (also Florida) all meet at my cousin Linda’s for a great reunion.

Around this time, my cousin Ron Fox also comes back to the Quad Cities

Ron Fox & Michael McCarty

Blinded by the light. During August their was the eclipse, here is my selfie ….

And somewhere between all of this, became friends with Todd Boyer

Also during the month of August, I have a career shake up. I leave Orkin pest control and return to my old company Terminix pest control.

Cindy and I have an offer to buy some Cub tickets at a great discount price, but starting a new job, I just didn’t have the money to go.

October 1st, 2017 after living in the apartment for 21 years, we get an eviction notice by the new landlord, who wants to remodel, charge more rent and bring in a relative instead.

Cindy and I go house shopping and the second one we see … we love and make an offer on.

So things are starting to look a little better for 2017 at this point. Out of the noisy apartment, found a nice house to move into … new job… started writing again.

Cindy, myself and the gang went to go see Bruce Campbell who was doing a lecture and signing his new book HAIL TO THE CHIN

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“Bruce Campbell in Iowa City”

Another highlights included seeing John Mellencamp at the Mississippi Valley Fair and Olivia Newton-John at the Adler. Both shows were incredible….

And then, two major events that broke the McCarty household’s hearts:

My mom passed away

Mom with my book BLOODLESS and myself with MODERN MYTHMAKERS … a photo during happier times

and shortly after that, Cindy’s cousin Terry Bundy also passed away.

At Bev McCarty’s funeral, the surviving children: Steve McCarty, Cathy Leonard and Michael McCarty

November marked the 10th anniversary of my father passing away too…

It takes almost two months to move everything out of the apartment and into the new house with the help of family and friends.

So in short, it was a rough year … new job, new house, loss of a parent and a cousin.

2017 we also lost:

Mary Tyler Moore & Rose Marie (from the Dick Van Dyke show)
Roger Moore (James Bond)

Genre favorites:

George Romero
Harry Dean Stanton (from Alien)
John Hurt (also from Alien)
Bill Paxton (Aliens & Twister, Near Dark)
Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette from True Blood)
Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica)
Adam West
Director Jonathan Demme


Tom Petty
Chuck Berry
Glenn Campbell
Chris Cornell
David Cassidy
Gregg Allmen
Walter Becker of Steely Dan
Fats Domino
Malcolm Young of AC DC

TV and movie stars:

Don Rickles
Jerry Lewis
Charlie Murphy
Erin Moran
Martin Landau
Sam Shepard
Hugh Hefner
Bernie Casey
Chuck Barris
Judge Wapner

On the plus side, Charlie Manson died…

So as we close the book on 2017 and open the book on 2018 … I tend to look at the brighter side of the dark side of things:

Have a beautiful and loving wife

Cindy & Michael McCarty

A nice house

a lovable but sometimes naughty pet rabbit named Latte

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2017 Top Ten Movie Picks

2017 Top Ten Movie Picks
By Michael McCarty

2017 wasn’t a bad year for movies. It just wasn’t a very good year for movies. Too many superhero films, too many remakes and sequels. But every once in awhile, a real great film did come along.

Here are my favorites, my “Mike’s Likes” for 2017

1. It
2. The Lego Batman Movie
3. Annabelle: Creation
4. Blade Runner: 2049
5. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
6. Get Out
7. The Founder
8. Justice League
9. Kong: Skull Island
10. Rings

If you like this blog or my other blogs, please consider purchasing:
MODERN MYTHMAKERS … right now, the ebook and nook are only .99 cents. Links are below:



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