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RIP 2018

(A photo of Cindy & Michael McCarty’s 9th anniversary at Igor’s Bistro in Rock Island)

I was so damn happy to rip the 2017 calendar off the wall last year and toss it in the trashcan because how bad of a year it turned out to be. So many horrible things just happened in 2017:

My mother died
Kicked out of my apartment after 20 years
two horrible automobile accidents that caused me over $2,000 out of pocket expenses

When 2018 rolled in, I thought, it has to be better than 2018. It turned out to be about just as horrible as 2017 … maybe even worse:

After getting kicked out of my apartment by the new landlords, Cindy & I buy a house.

I leave pest control to work at Group O in Milan. I do customer service for AT&T, Michelin Tires and DirecTV … I have a nice boss, the job is okay … but I am making about $3.00 less an hour.

In 2018, the house turned out to be like the movie “The Money Pit” … but without the laughs:

Need new furnace
Dryer needs repairman to fix it
Refrigerator dies and needs new one
Garage door dies and needs repair

The steps were in bad shape, so we replace them and added a deck

Total spending on house repairs for 2018:


Latte (my pet bunny), was very sick in 2018, had to be taken to the vet on 3 different occasions, but the little fella is doing well now

Mike & Cindy take Cindy’s folks: Carma & Roy to Chicago to see the Chicago Cubs. The whole trip it rains and The Cubs play in the rain and lose

I end up getting dropped from my insurance company after 20 years. Ended up with Bill Douglas and Tracy Naab from State Farm.

But it gets even worse … my wife is laid off from Augustana College after 25 years. The college did the same thing to me in 2013 … (I was laid off after 15 years).

There were two good things that happened besides getting the new deck:

1) Grinning Skull Press published LOST GIRL OF THE LAKE by Joe McKinney & Michael McCarty as a trade paperback and ebook

2) and I get a new car … a 2011 Chevy HRR (thanks to my sales man Matt Truitt)

The Lost Girl of The Lake signings in 2018 were incredibly fun. Did one in June at The Book Rack in Davenport and one in December (tied in with my mom’s memorial) at the Midwest Writing Center in Rock Island.

(A photo of my mother inlaw Carma Hulting & Michael McCarty)

The movies of 2018 were a mixed bag, some of them really good, most of them mediocre. This is my list:
Mike’s Likes for 2018:

(Michael McCarty in front of Solo poster)

Top 10 Films of 2018

1. Bohemian Rhapsody (about Freddy Mercury and Queen)

2. The Nun (prequel to the Annabelle and Conjuring series)

3. Hotel Transylvania 3 (third in the animated horror comedy series)

4. Vice (about Vice President Dick Cheney)

5. Halloween (remake of the original with Jamie Lee Curtis returning)

6. A Quiet Place (loved the plot and acting, wasn’t that crazy about the special effects at the end of the movie)

7. Solo (Han Solo prequel … I liked it a lot, the critics and general public, not so much)

8. Dead Pool 2 .. (a lot funnier and dirtier than the original, but still needs more of a story line. I know, I am asking a lot for a comic book motion picture)

9. Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom (the second Jurassic World film, lost count at how many Jurassic Park films there are. Okay special effects. Wish Jeff Goldblum was in it more than 5 minutes at the beginning and end)

10. Overlord (Nazis and monsters… okay film)

The celebrities and politicians who passed away in 2018 include

Penny Marshall
Burt Reynolds
Verne Tryoer (Mini Me)
Scott Wilson from “The Walking Dead” and “In Cold Blood”
Harry Anderson
Anthony Bourdain from “No Reservations”
Nicholas Roeg director of “The Man Who Fell To Earth”
Stan Lee
Sandra Locke
Stephen Hillenburg creator of Sponge Bob Square Pants and is also mentioned in my
Stephen Hawking


Aretha Franklin
Dolores O’Riordan From The Cranberries
Roy Clark


Senator John McCain
President George H. Bush

Hopefully 2019 will be better … I have 3 books in the works. Stay tuned for more details.

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