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The Passion of Covers: Tribute to Bauhaus (CD Review)

By Michael McCarty

1. Bela Lugosi’s Dead – The Electric Hellfire Club
2. The Passion Of Lovers – The Shroud
3. Slice Of Life – Ex-Voto
4. Hollow Hills – Faith & The Muse
5. The Three Shadows (Part II) – Fahrenheit 451
6. Dark Entries – Kill Switch…Klick
7. Muscle In Plastic – Black Atmosphere
8. King Volcano – Two Witches
9. In The Flat Field – This Ascension
10. She’s In Parties – Ikon
11. Lagartija Nick – Wreckage
12. Terror Couple Kill Colonel – Eleven Shadows
13. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything – Blade Fetish

Cleopatra, 19962
Rating: ****

The Passion of Covers lives up to its name – the CD features passionate covers of the Eighties Goth-metal band Bauhaus.
Bauhaus had only a brief stint together, but they were one of the most influential Gothic rock groups ever. Vocalist Peter Murphy and band-mates David Ash, David J. and Kevin Haskins (the latter three collectively made up the group Love and Rockets) have inspired many groups ranging from The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Type O Negative, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, and Alien Sex Fiends.
Passion features thirteen remakes of Bauhaus songs. The disk kicks off with the cult hit “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” redone with a more contemporary industrial beat by The Electric Hellfire Club.
One of the most surprising elements of the tribute is the number of female singers being able to pull of Murphy’s deep, rich and baritone vocals. All the women do a superb job, including Faith and the Muse’s haunting remake of “Hollow Hills,” The Shroud’s dead-ringer cover of “The Passion of Lovers,” and This Ascension’s punky version, “In the Flat Field.”
The rest of the covers are also awesome, with Ex-Voto’s “Slice of Life,” Kill Switch…Klick’s “Dark Entries,” Ikon’s “She’s in Parties,” Wreckage’s “Largartija Nick,” and Black Atmosphere’s “Muscle in Plastic.”
Eleven Shadows introduces a techno-industrial take of “Terror Couple Kills Colonel,” Blade Fetish’s “All We Ever Wanted was Everything” is very well done, while Fahrenheit 451 with Eva Q does a more acoustic cut with “The Three Shadows (Part II).”
The only beef about this record is the “King Volcano” cover by Finland band Two Witches (featuring Shade Factory) – the music is dead-on, but the vocals are a little too over-the-top Murphy style, and he didn’t even sing on the original.
Overall, this is a great CD. The 3D artwork from the movie Nosferatu is an added bonus. A Tribute to Bauhaus is a must for all Bauhaus and Goth-rock fans.

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