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Paul McCartney Set List June 11, 2019 at the TaxSlayer, Moline, Illinois

Paul McCartney Set List June 11, 2019 at the TaxSlayer, Moline, Illinois

(Paul McCartney photo by Michael McCarty)

Show starts at:

8:15 pm

1. A Hard Day’s Night
(The Beatles song)

2. Save Us
(Paul McCartney “Egypt Station”)

3. All My Loving
(The Beatles song)

4. Letting Go
(Paul McCartney & Wings “Venus & Mars”)

5. Who Cares
(Paul McCartney “Egypt Station”)

6. Got to Get You Into My Life
(The Beatles song)

7. Come On to Me
(Paul McCartney “Egypt Station”)

8. Let Me Roll It
(Paul McCartney & Wings “Band on the Run”)

9. Jimi Hendrick’s “Purple Haze” & guitar tribute jam

10. I’ve Got a Feeling
(The Beatles song)

11. Let ‘Em In
(Paul McCartney & Wings “Wings at the Speed of Sound”)

12. My Valentine
(Paul McCartney “Egypt Station”)

13. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five
(Paul McCartney & Wings song “Band on the Run”)

14. Maybe I’m Amazed
(Paul McCartney “McCartney”)

15. I’ve Just Seen a Face
(The Beatles song)

16. In Spite of All the Danger
(The Quarrymen demo song)

17. From Me to You
(The Beatles song)

18. Dance Tonight
(Paul McCartney “Egypt Station”)

19. Love Me Do
(The Beatles song)

20. Blackbird
(The Beatles song)

21. Here Today
(Paul McCartney “Tug of War”)

22. Queenie Eye
(Paul McCartney “Egypt Station”)

23. Lady Madonna
(The Beatles song)

24. Eleanor Rigby
(The Beatles song)

25. Fuh You
(Paul McCartney “Egypt Station”)

26. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!
(The Beatles song)

27. Something
(The Beatles song)

28. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
(The Beatles song)

29. Band on the Run
(Paul McCartney & Wings “Band on the Run”)

30. Back in the U.S.S.R.
(The Beatles song)

31. Let It Be
(The Beatles song)

32. Live and Let Die
(Paul McCartney & Wings James Bond Soundtrack song)

33. Hey Jude
(The Beatles song)


34. Birthday
(The Beatles song)

35. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
(The Beatles song)

36. Helter Skelter
(The Beatles song)

37. Golden Slumbers
(The Beatles song)

38. Carry That Weight
(The Beatles song)

39. The End
(The Beatles song)

11:05 pm

(Michael McCarty – photo by Cindy McCarty)

(Cindy McCarty – Photo by Michael McCarty)

The Beatles – 22 songs

Paul McCartney & Wings – 6

Paul McCartney – 8

The Quarrymen – 1

A great selection of material of The Beatles, Paul McCartney & Wings, solo Paul McCartney and even The Quarrymen.

The material from Paul McCartney’s latest “Egypt Station” was also great. I might do a review of that CD sometime, even any of my fans want me too….

Here is a link to Paul McCartney’s Flower in the Dirt Dec 3, 1989 set list:

Beatles & Paul McCartney should check out my interview with Alistar Taylor, whom The Fab Four called “Mr. Fix-It”

Also … Beatles & horror fans, please check out this blog:

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MODERN MYTHMAKERS … right now, the ebook and nook are only .99 cents. Links are below:



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Sizzling Summer Reads

Sizzling Summer Reading By Michael McCarty
Have fun in the Sun with these books

“Summer turns me upside down. Summer summer summer. It’s like a merry go round” – The Cars.

Sweet Summer: BBQs, Bikinis and Books … yes books.

And I bet you are looking for some recommendations of Michael McCarty books to read for your summertime pleasure.

Sure you are ….

But before I get to that list …. here are a recommendation of other authors. .. yes, I do read other authors besides myself.

This my Top 5 Summer Favorite Reads …

1. To The Vanishing Point By Alan Dean Foster.
Frank Sonderberg rents an RV to take his family on a vacation across the desert to go to Las Vegas. On the way, the pick up this beautiful hitchhiker and singer named Mouse and the trip goes to Hell … literary, getting chased by hideous monsters, encounter a demonic gas station, fire breathing cops and ax-wielding rats. Summer vacations don’t get better than this…

It was a tremendous honor that Alan Dean Foster wrote the introduction to my book MODERN MYTHMAKERS …

I also did an interview blog with Mr. Foster and here is the link:

2. Duma Key by Stephen King

Of all Stephen King’s book, this is just one of the best to read during the summer. I can explain more about this book, but I have already written this blog about the book and the link is here:

3. Sparrow Rock by Nate Kenyon

I really like Nate Kenyon’s Bloodstone, The Bone Factory and The Reach books. But Sparrow Rock is one of my favorites. The story-line is about six teenagers who break in and party in a bomb shelter. Unbeknownst to the teens, the world is about to end very soon. An exciting and creepy page-turner.

4. Island by Richard Laymon

Several of Laymon’s books are great summer reads including: Funland, The Stake, Bite, The Lake, Resurrection Dreams. Of all those terrific terror reads, my favorite has to be Island to be read at the beach with a beverage of your choice.

You ask why …. read this blog and find out why:

5. Dog Days by Joe McKinney

I had a hard time for the last book on the list. I was thinking of having Mark McLaughlin’s Horror & Abominations (co-written with Michael Sheehan Jr…. but I will write a longer review of that later). Also I was thinking of Joe Hill’s collection Strange Weather, but I might do a review of that later too. The same with Bentley Little’s The Resort.

So I decided on Dog Days by Joe McKinney. This book won a Bram Stoker for YA Novel and it well deserved to win. It is also a killer book to read during the summer month, hot and sticky and full of mystery … just like summer.

I am not going to say much about the book, because once I start talking or writing about it, I just can’t stop. Set in 1983 in the burbs of Houston, a hurricane rocks the community … not only bringing floodwaters and strong winds … but a supernatural killer in the swamp lands of Clear Lake.

It is a brilliant, brilliant book

Still interested in this writer? Michael McCarty … okay … here is some of my books to read in the sun before you burn your buns:


1) APOCALYPSE AMERICA! By Michael McCarty & Mark McLaughlin

Nothing says summer like the end of the world.

Here is an entire blog about the book too:

2) LOST GIRL OF THE LAKE by Joe McKinney & Michael McCarty (Grinning Skull Press)

Snakes, Lakes and Skinny-Dipping … what more could you ask for during the summer

3) DRACULA TRANSFORMED & OTHER BLOODTHIRSTY TALES by Mark McLaughlin & Michael McCarty (Wildside Press)

Two novellas: Lucy Transformed & the title story Dracula Transformed and nine short stories about Dracula and vampires. Some are scary. Some are funny. All of them are entertaining.


35 Interviews with the likes of Ray Bradbury, Elvira, Dean Koontz, The Cast & Crew of Night of the Living Dead, John Saul, John Carpenter, Laurell K. Hamilton, Richard Matheson, Joe McKinney, William F. Nolan, Christopher Moore and many more.

The ebook is only .99 cents too


A terrific short story collection with Beatles robots, vampires, zombies, invisible scientists … you will love it

I also have a blog about FIENDS…. and here is the link:

The books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble …. etc etc etc. Below are the links for Amazon ebooks, trade paperbacks on their site too

(Apocalypse America!)


(Lost Girl of the Lake)

(Modern Mythmakers)

(Dracula Transformed)


(A Little Help From My Fiends)



(Amazon Trade Paperback)

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