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Book Review: The Resort by Bentley Little

Book Review:
The Resort by Bentley Little

Review by Michael McCarty

The Resort
by Bentley Little
Rating: ****

For the almost three decades, Bentley Little has been writing sophisticated horror novels that offer social commentary in addition to the frights. His books raise horror fiction to the next level – they are spooky and thought-provoking at the same time. This is evident in all of his novels including The Policy, The Ignored, University, The Store, The Town, The House, and his short story collections The Collection and Walking Alone.

Lowell Thurman wants to avoid his twentieth high-school reunion, so he books his family for a relaxing retreat at a five-star resort, the Reata (probably named after the family ranch in the movie “Giant with James Dean), located in the middle of the Arizona desert. Normally, that sort of vacation would be beyond the Thurman’s price range, but during the summer, this lush getaway offers cheaper rates because nobody wants to be stuck in the middle of nowhere in blistering temperatures.
At first the Reata seems like a paradise for Lowell, his wife Rachel, and the kids – the exclusive resort has pools, a spa, a gym, fine dining and many sport activities.
But then things start getting weird. The Thurmans’ boys see a dead body at the bottom of the swimming pool. A stranger takes over their room when they go out for the evening and steals a pair of Rachel’s panties (only one pair?).
The staff acts very odd and soon, some of the guests start disappearing. The hotel starts to feel like high school again – jocks, bullies, the need to conform to socially fit in. And, yes, there are all sorts of ghastly acts of violence.
A strange and surreal trip, this is Bentley’s best book since The Store. It is, in fact, the most innovative variation on the haunted hotel novel since Stephen King’s The Shining.
I enthusiastically recommend it.

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