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Fantastic Fiction: Michael McCarty Bibliography

The Fantastic Fiction has a great Bibliography of my work …
check it out:

Just some of the many published books by Michael McCarty. Available Amazon, Barnes & Noble or ordered through your favorite bookstore

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Dean Koontz Book Review

Dean Koontz Book Review:
By Dean Koontz
336 pages
ISBN: 0-553-80415-4

Rating: ****
Review by Michael McCarty

Velocity is Dean Koontz’s best nail-biter novel since Intensity.
Set in wine country – California’s Napa Valley, bartender Billy Wiles lives with a subdued existence – tending bar during the day, visiting his fiancée at night.
A once promising writer, he gave up his writing four years ago when his beloved Barbara fell into a coma, she occasionally speaks a few cryptic sentences – but nothing makes sense of what she says.
After work one afternoon someone leaves a note under Billy windshield wipers that reads:

“If you don’t take this note to the police and get them involved, I will a lovely schoolteacher somewhere in Napa County.
If you do take this note to the police, I will instead kill an elderly woman active in charity work.
You have six hours to decide. The choice is yours.”

Thinking that it might be some kind of sick joke, Billy turns to his friend Police Officer Lanny Olsen, who thinks it just a prank. His friend advises him to go home for the night and forget about it. Besides, no actual crime has been committed yet?
Less than twenty-four later, a young blond schoolteacher is found murdered. Than another note arrives and so does tension and intensity level.
Like I said, the novel has the same kind of jolts as Intensity did a decade ago, but Velocity is a more complex and complicated novel, it has a thoughtful edge to all the suspense.
Velocity has everything going for it, a likeable protagonist, a frightening villain, gruesome murders, acts of mayhem and violence, creepy corpses and griping conclusion.
A classic shock-fest. Dean Koontz’s Velocity is high-voltage suspense. You don’t get a story this electrifying unless you bite into a plugged-in toasters with your braces.

Of course, I love a lot of Dean Koontz novels … such as Watchers, The Husband, Whispers, The Taking (I’m been aching to read that one again), The Vision, Night Chills, Dark Rivers of The Heart, Midnight, Cold Fire and still one of my favorites of all time: Twilight Eyes …

I actually got two novels of Koontz tucked away, planning to read soon: Ashley Bell and The City.

And Dean Koontz did an incredible interview for my book:

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