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Paul Kane Book Review

Paul Kane Book Review by Michael McCarty

This review is in my book ESOTERIA-LAND … but decided to do a blog of it too. (Please consider buying the ebook … it is only .99 cents)

The Humorous Horror Fiction Of Paul Kane
By Paul Kane
Creative Guy Publishing
175 pages
ISBN: 1894953142

Rating: ****

By Michael McCarty

When you pick up the cover to Funnybones by Paul Kane, you already know you are in for a treat. Steve Lines does an incredible job of capturing the likeness of Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi if they decomposing skeletons.
In the introduction to Funnybones publisher and editor Pete S. Allen wrote “Funny is hard. Really. I mean, think about it. If you’re funny, or attempting to be, you’ve got a pretty rough road ahead of you.”
If being funny is hard, then mixing horror and humor – to extreme emotions at the different ends of the spectrum and throwing them into a book must be extremely hard.

But Paul Kane makes it looks so easy in Funnybones a fantastic collection of 13 amusing short stories and poems of the macabre.
Funnybones starts out with the little ditty “Oliver’s Twist” which manages to satire Charles Dickens Oliver Twist and cannibalism in less than 100 words. Sick and twisted yes – but also very hilarious.
“A Suspicious Mind” is a satire of Elvis Presley’s “Suspicious Mind” song with the bizarre and blithe lyrics:

“I’m caught in a trap,
I can’t look back,
Because you’ve taken out my
Eyeballs baby”

“Dracula In Love” is just as funny as “The Bones Brothers.” In this silly story, Dracula goes to a psychiatrist Dr. Jan Fruber because he no longer wants to bite human’s necks anymore after falling in love with the mortal Cassandra. At times the tale is even touching, how even an undead heart can still beat in love.
“Master Of The White Worms,” “Dalton Quayle And The Sheepshank Revelation” and “Dalton Quayle And The Temple Of Deadly Danger” are all the memoirs of Doctor Humphrey Pemberton and the adventures of Dalton Quayle, the most famous of supernatural detectives. All three are smile raisers.
“The Last Temptation Of Alice Crump” is a wickedly funny version of “The Devil And Daniel Webster” where a demon must tempt the pure and prudish Alice Crump for her soul.
My favorite story in the collection is “The Bones Brothers” which is a satire of “The Blues Brothers” film. This time around, Bony B and Bony M come back from the grave in their Bonesmobile car made of human bones, to go on a mission – not from God, but a little more sinister – to bring the old band back together again for one final gig. This story has it all song satires (“I’ve Got a Soul, Man” a takeoff of the Blues Brothers “Soul Man”), quotable dialogue (“It’s 5381 miles to England. We’ve got a full tank of blood, half a pack of Junior Mints. It’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses”) and car wrecks too. I’d enjoy the story even more the Blues Brother lame remake “Blues Brother 2000.” This could become a creepy comedy classic.
The Funnybones collection will indeed tickle your funnybones and is reasonable priced (hell, you can’t even by a good CD for under $13 these days). This is a tasty buffet of bizarreness and buffoonery, comedy and chills — I loved every page of it.

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Guest Blog: Ghosts of the Pandemic (Part 3) Burial

(Michael McCarty and John Brassard Jr. at the first GHOSTS OF THE QUAD CITIES book signing, 2019 the Book Rack, Davenport, Iowa)

Michael McCarty here. I interviewed John Brassard Jr. for several chapters in the book: GHOSTS OF THE QUAD CITIES by Michael McCarty & Mark McLaughlin.

John wrote this 3 Part series, that ran in September 2020 and October 2020. This is the last installment in the series

Here is the link:

And please check out the GHOSTS OF THE QUAD CITIES Facebook website:

GHOSTS OF THE QUAD CITIES, co-written by Michael McCarty and Mark McLaughlin. Now available in Kindle, trade paperback and hardcover.

Kindle & Trade Paperback:

Divided by state lines and the Mississippi River, the Quad Cities share a common haunted heritage. If anything, the seam that runs through the region is especially rife with spirits, from the Black Angel of Moline’s Riverside Cemetery to the spectral Confederate POWs of Arsenal Island. Of course, the city centers have their own illustrious supernatural residents – the Hanging Ghost occupies Davenport’s City Hall, while the Phantom Washwoman wanders Bettendorf’s Central Avenue. At Igor’s Bistro in Rock Island, every day is Halloween. Michael McCarty and Mark McLaughlin hunt down the haunted lore of this vibrant Midwestern community.


by Michael McCarty & John Brassard Jr.

Introduction by The Amazing Kreskin

Afterword by Rick Lopez of Igor’s Bistro

Like the mighty Mississippi River that cleaves the Quad Cities, the region’s history can trap the unwary in some unexpected eddies. Peer through the fog of the past to catch a glimpse of the Tinsmith Ghost of Rock Island or the river serpent with a price on its head. Get the back story on the Banshee of Brady Street, read the 1869 report on a Bigfoot sighting near East Davenport and run the numbers on local UFO activity. From phantom footsteps in the Renwick Mansion to a mausoleum heist in Chippiannock Cemetery, Michael McCarty and John Brassard Jr. trace a path through the shadowy heritage of the Quad Cities.

Barnes & Noble:…/eerie…/1139398369…


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Masters of Horror Interview: Michael McCarty

Masters of Horror is a United Kingdom website and David Kempk’s did an exclusive interview with Michael McCarty

Michael McCarty author of GHOSTS OF THE QUAD CITIES and over 45 other books

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