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Mike & Cindy’s Date Night For Weirdos (Holiday Fright Flicks)

by Cindy & Michael McCarty

Mike: Ho-Ho-Ho —

Cindy: That is no way to talk about the ladies of Downtown Davenport.

Mike: Welcome back to Mike & Cindy’s Date Night For Weirdos. This month we are breaking out the holiday cheer and spirits (ghostly and boozie kind) to talk about fright flicks during the holidays.

Cindy: I have the DVD player warmed up and the eggnog spiked. We are ready to go.

Mike: And I’m dreaming of a Krampus Christmas ….

  1. KRAMPUS (2015) There are 8 Krampus movies. The series started with a couple of Finnish films in the early 2010s…. the first American movie, simply named “Krampus” was released during the winter of 2015. That film, was about a dysfunctional family’s Christmas gathering gone wrong. Max, the young protagonist gets embarrassed by his cousins for still believing in Santa Claus. He tears up his letter to old Saint Nick and that summons the demonic Krampus. The dark comedy and horror really work well in this film. We haven’t seen the others yet, maybe next Christmas.

2) SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS (1964) This has been a McCarty favorite film for a very long time. The story is simple … Mars doesn’t need women … they need Santa. The Martians kidnap Santa and a couple of Earth kids and bring them back to Mars. Just a lot of fun. Keep your eyes out for a very young Pia Zadora. There are a lot of editions of this movie out there, we have the “Midnite Mausoleum” version.

(Mr. & Mrs. McCarty with matching Dinosaur Christmas sweaters … are they ugly? That is your call. Photo by Cathy Leonard)

3) GREMLINS (1984) This is one of Cindy’s mom’s (Carma Hulting) and Mike’s mother in-laws favorite creepy holiday classics. And it is one of ours too. The film starts out with Hoyt Axton (songwriter of many Three Dog Night hits), as a father combing Chinatown for a last minute gift idea. A shopkeeper is reluctant to sell him a Mogwai, unless they follow these rules: 1) Do not feed after Midnight 2) Don’t get them wet 3) Don’t expose them to bright light … because the cute little pet can become a nasty Gremlin. Just as much dark humor as the Krampus film, that is why we love it so much. Followed by a so-so sequel. A third Gremlin movie, a direct sequel to the original was planned but fell through.

4) THE SHINING (1980) Based on a Stephen King book and directed by Stanley Kubrick, starring Oscar winner Jack Nicholson and Shelley DuVall. The Overlook Hotel in Colorado has the Torrance family as their caretaker – new blood in a very haunted hotel. There are a whole cast of creepy characters: Lloyd the faithful bartender, Grady the former caretaker who killed his family and the old lady in Room 237. So why is this a Christmas movie? —It is at the McCarty household, do we need to say more? Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow and the ghosts glow.

(Michael & Cindy McCarty at the “Nightmare Before Christmas: Ghosts of the Quad Cities Book Signing, the Book Rack, Davenport, Iowa – Dec. 2019)

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