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Joe Mynhardt Interviews Michael McCarty

The publisher of Crystal Lake Publishing, Joe Mynhardt interviewed author Michael McCarty about MODERN MYTHMAKERS

MODERN MYTHMAKERS: 35 Interviews with Horror and Science Fiction Writers and Filmmakers by Michael McCarty was published by Crystal Lake Publishers (Joe Mynhardt) February 25, 2015.

Joe Mynhardt publisher of Crystal Lake Publishing

The book has sold fairly well over the years and has over 40 positive reviews over the years.

Michael McCarty with MODERN MYTHMAKERS on WVIK 90.3 FM “Scribble” show hosted by Don Wooten and Roald Tweet 2019

A sequel is in the works, another volume of interviews with horror and science fiction writers conducted by Michael McCarty.

Publisher Joe Mynhardt interviewed author Michael McCarty about the book on Crystal Lake website, here is are re-printing of that interview:

JOE MYNHARDT: So what makes Modern Mythmakers so special?

MICHAEL McCARTY:  Because the book was written with my heart. Not only that, the 35 people I interviewed answered their questions with all of their hearts as well. I hope this book of interviews will be just as special for you as it was for me to write, which was very special indeed.

JOE:  Tell us a bit about your experiences while compiling this massive collection of interviews.

MIKE:   There were so many amazing moments capture in this book including:

John Carpenter explaining how West World influenced his character Michael Myers in Halloween

(On the set of THE FOG … actress Adrienne Barbeau and director / writer John Carpenter … both Adrienne Barbeau and John Carpenter are interviewed in MODERN MYTHMAKERS)

Richard Matheson author of such books and movies I Am Legend, Somewhere In Time, Stir of Echoes, Duel, What Dreams May Come, Legend of Hell House beaming with pride about his talented children-

Forry Ackerman sadly recalls why he left Famous Monsters magazine after 200 issues –

John Russo, co-author of the screenplay of Night of the Living Dead gives a vivid account what it was like to be the zombie set on fire in the movie –

Dean Koontz tells us why he doesn’t outline when he writes novels –

There are many more experiences like this. I’d think it would be more special if you discover them the rest of them yourself. 

JOE:   Last question, why should readers give Modern Mythmakers a chance?

MIKE:   (Singing off-key):  “All we are saying is, give Modern Mythmakers a chance….” Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, LOL.

         It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of Horror, Suspense, Thrillers, Noir, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dark Fiction, Urban Fantasy or Weird Fiction … Modern Mythmakers has all the bases covered. You’ll hear in-depth interviews from the giants of the genres about their arts and craft that’s well worth the price of the cover, plus some.                     

Modern Mythmakers


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