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10 Years Of Blogging

By Michael McCarty

I’ve been blogging on this blogsite now for 10 years, May 2012 is when this all began … and let me tell you a little about the backstory

(Michael McCarty on the Augustana radio show “Scribbles”

The contracts were signed and my young adult book called I KISSED A GHOUL was going to be published by Noble Young Adult. The PR person there wanted me to write a monthly blog on the wordpress site … I said, “I really don’t blog…”And they said, “It will be really great publicity for the book.”

And I said, “I don’t have a clue to set up a blogsite…”

And they said, “It is fairly easy, here are the instructions…”

I wanted to be in good grace with my new publisher ….

So I wrote a column

and another

and another …

and have been doing that regularly for the last ten years.

Was it successful when I first started this blog?

Hell and no.

My first year, 2012 — from May – December … I wrote 6 blogs. I had 21 visitors and 100 views.

I did the same thing the following year, a little more blogs, a little more hits and visitors.

Somewhere between all of this, the publisher for I KISSED A GHOUL went out of business and my new publisher didn’t really care if I did a monthly blog or not.

This was around 2014 … and I was seriously thinking of hanging it up. I had about 303 visitors that year and about 459 views.

(Michael McCarty at Charles Dickens’ son’s gravesite Riverside Cemetery in Moline. That graveyard is also featured in the book GHOSTS OF THE QUAD CITIES co-written by Michael McCarty. Photo by Joyce Godwin Grubbs)

I had another book that was going to get published in 2015 called MODERN MYTHMAKERS: 35 INTERVIEWS WITH HORROR AND SCIENCE FICITON WRITERS AND FILMMAKERS.

My editor and publisher Joe Mynhardt at Crystal Lake Publishing writing blogs might good PR when MODERN MYTHMAKERS came out next year.

So I stuck with it … and the popularity grew and grew.

Since 2012 ….. I had over 13,000 visitors and 17,000 views.

So thank you, thank you and thank you!!!

There is a way to subscribe to this blog … do I know how to do it? No … but people have done it … and you are most welcome to do it for free too…

I have written over 175 blogs now … and some of the popular ones include:

“A Question of Balance: Interview with Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues”

“That’ll Be The Day: Interview with Jerry Allison, Drummer of Buddy Holly & Crickets”

“Pink Floyd: The Wall (Movie Review)”

“It Came From Outer Space: How to Write Science Fiction, Horror & Fantasy”

and an interview with the late, great Terry Pratchett

And all those interviews are in my book ESOTERIA-LAND which is available as an ebook

and trade paperback

But before I give you that information …

I just want to say thank you, thank you and thank you.

If you keep reading … I will keep writing.

Here is the info for ESOTERIA-LAND

check out my book ESOTERIA-LAND … which features movie reviews, music reviews, book reviews, interviews, essays and more

and the ebook is only .99 cents

ESOTERIA-LAND by Michael McCarty Ebook is only .99 cents


Interviews with Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues, Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong, Terry Pratchett, Mojo Nixon, Bobcat Goldthwait, Famous Monsters editor Forry Ackerman, Buddy Holly’s drummer, book and movie reviews, a review of a live Jerry Seinfeld concert and a tribute to horror writer Dean Koontz by his peers and many more… Introduction By Linnea Quigley Afterword By The Amazing Kreskin


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