The Cry-Baby Bridge


by Michael McCarty

The Black Angel, The John Looney House are probably the two places I get asked about the most from GHOSTS OF THE QUAD CITIES. Followed by the Cry-Baby Bridge.

So here are some tidbits about the Cry-Baby Bridge


It’s in Monmouth, IL. Take 67 south toward Viola. From the stop sign in Viola, go exactly 18 miles on 67 and you’ll come to 230th Ave. (230th is 2 miles past of the entrance to Lake Warren Camp ground) Go right on 230th Ave and travel 1.5 miles and take a left. Go down the hill and you’ll see the bridge.

And some cool photos too

The Cry-Baby Bridge Photo by Michael McCarty
Michael McCarty at the Cry-Baby Bridge photo by Cindy McCarty

Cindy McCarty photo by Michael McCarty

Under the bridge … photo by Michael McCarty


GHOSTS OF THE QUAD CITIES by Co-written by Michael McCarty. Available in Kindle, trade paperback and hardcover.

Kindle & Trade Paperback:


Divided by state lines and the Mississippi River, the Quad

Cities share a common haunted heritage. If anything, the seam that runs through the region is especially rife with spirits, from the Black Angel of Moline’s Riverside Cemetery to the spectral Confederate POWs of Arsenal Island. Of course, the city centers have their own illustrious supernatural residents – the Hanging Ghost occupies Davenport’s City Hall, while the Phantom Washwoman wanders Bettendorf’s Central Avenue. At Igor’s Bistro in Rock Island, every day is Halloween. Michael McCarty hunts down the haunted lore of this vibrant Midwestern community.

Please also check out:

EERIE QUAD CITIES by Michael McCarty & John Brassard Jr.
Introduction by The Amazing Kreskin
Afterword by Rick Lopez of Igor’s Bistro

Like the mighty Mississippi River that cleaves the Quad Cities, the region’s history can trap the unwary in some unexpected eddies. Peer through the fog of the past to catch a glimpse of the Tinsmith Ghost of Rock Island or the river serpent with a price on its head. Get the back story on the Banshee of Brady Street, read the 1869 report on a Bigfoot sighting near East Davenport and run the numbers on local UFO activity. From phantom footsteps in the Renwick Mansion to a mausoleum heist in Chippiannock Cemetery, Michael McCarty and John Brassard Jr. trace a path through the shadowy heritage of the
Quad Cities.



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