Scrooge 3000 By Michael McCarty

Scrooge 3000 is a short story, originally published in my short story collection LITTLE CREATURES. That collection is out of print now. Then I reprinted it in A HELL OF A JOB, which is also out of print. Short story collections are hard to keep in print because of the lack of sales. Please show your support and buy one of my collections at the end of the story.
Thank you!

“Scrooge 3000” was inspired by a dream. In my dream, Charles Dickens was in my office swigging down martinis and smoking a big cigar. He said to me, “Mike, I think you should take a character from one of my books and throw him into a science-fiction story of the far future.”
“That’s a great idea, Charles,” I said. “Still, tossing together such wildly different elements…. Will it work?”
“You’re questioning Dickens?” he said, taking another sip of his martini. “Trust me.”
So I did … and wrote this story.

By Michael McCarty

Mr. Scrooge looked down at the megalopolis from his three-hundredth-floor office window. From that high up, the city below looked like a Dali painting, skyscrapers melting into an endless sky.
“There are too many zeppelins these days,” the CEO of Scrooge Computers mused to his subordinate, Mr. Cratchett. “Of course, it’s the only decent way to get around in the sky-cities. I vaguely remember my great-great-grandfather once talking about an automobile… It was a funny story.”
“Yes, sir.”
“I can’t believe Wall Street will be closed tomorrow. I’ll lose so much money!”
“It’s Christmas, sir. They shut down to honor the holiday.”
“Bah, humbug!”
“Do you want me to send some flowers to Mr. Marley’s funeral, the day after Christmas?”
“Certainly not! Mr. Marley bailed out of this company a long time ago. When the chips were down, he said, ‘I’m not shredding any evidence for a Senate subcommittee subpoena hearing.’ Bah! I don’t care if Mr. Marley was one of my biggest financial supporters at the beginning of this corporation. We revolutionized computers by having them built into the human skull. No more screens or monitors – just close your eyes and you can see everything! No more keyboards, just the glorious thought process. But Mr. Marley didn’t want to lie under oath – that was the last straw. The man was a traitor, pure and simple – a gutless, spineless traitor!”
“Do you mind if I leave a little early? I still have some Christmas shopping to do for my family,” Mr. Cratchett said.
“How’s the missus and your kid? What’s his name again?”
“Yeah, Tiny. That one-foot-tall clone of yours. Sorry you couldn’t afford a bigger one.”
“We love Tiny, all twelve wonderful inches of him.”
A zeppelin floated in front of the office window with the words Merry Christmas From Scrooge Computers flashing from the side of the airship.
“Bah, humbug!”

The airship stopped at the eight-hundredth floor and Scrooge stepped off the vehicle and into his penthouse suite. He turned on his hologram cat, Toogles.
At one time, Toogles had been a real cat. Scrooge used to order his servants to feed him and change the kitty litter. When the cat started to want affection from the old man, he had the animal put to sleep and replaced with a three-dimensional feline replica.
“Hello, Toogles,” he mumbled.
The hologram tomcat meowed.
Scrooge looked through his telescope, adjusting the lenses he could make out his office 500 floors below. He poured himself some gin and turned on the Free-Vee.
Free-Vees had started out as a curio – a distant, promotional cousin to televisions. But with time, TV viewers ended up enjoying the commercials more than the programming, so the shows were abandoned and new one-hundred-inch curved 3-D screens were given away for free – all you had to do is watch the commercials.
Scrooge sat with his drink, watching ad after ad. He chuckled at a sexy one about a robot cocktail waitress trying to get frisky with an automatic vacuum cleaner.
The old man drifted off to sleep.
Suddenly he found himself staring at a black man wearing a red cap, a multi-colored satin shirt, Bermuda shorts and floppy sandals.
“Hello Scrooge. I’m Marley,” the man said in a thick Jamaican accent.
“You’re not Jacob Marley!” the old man cried.
“No, mon. I’m Bob Marley, the Ghost of Reggae Christmas.”
“I don’t know anyone named Bob Marley…”
“Jacob Marley was too busy, so he asked me to step in. If I can unite my country of Jamaica, then I can certainly help a fellow ghost. Besides this time of year is when we’re the busiest.”
“Christmas Spirits Union 312.”
“There must be a glitch in my computer programming,” Scrooge said, hitting the side of his head with his hand. “Maybe I need to have my hard drive adjusted.”
The ghost rolled his eyes.
“I just need a Phillips screwdriver–”
Bob Marley pulled a screwdriver out of thin air.
“How’d you do that?”
“We don’t have much time, you old fool. This is overtime and a holiday on top of that!” The ghost grabbed Scrooge by his vest and dragged him into the past.

Bob Marley and Scrooge rematerialized in a college dorm room. The walls were decked with 3-D posters of famous rich people of the past – Nelson Rockefeller, Bill Gates, and T.J. Hoy, the man who brought the airships to the megalopolis.
“My old dorm room in college,” Scrooge said.
Sitting at a desk was a teenage Scrooge counting a pile of money. “999,999,997 … 999,999,998 … 999,999,999 … one billion!”
“Ah, yes,” said the older Scrooge. “My first billion, and I was just a freshman in college.”
The ghost frowned. “My entire country of Jamaica didn’t have that kind of money, mon.”
“They must invest badly.”
“We didn’t come here to talk about finances. Look around, what do you see?”
“Money?” Scrooge said, confused.
“Besides that.”
Scrooge simply saw a younger version of himself, piles of money in high stacks, some books, posters, and a Free-Vee set. Finally he shrugged.
“You are alone, all alone!” the ghost cried. “And what lesson did we learn here today?”
“That it takes a long time to count to a billion?”
“No, mon! As The Beatles once observed, money can’t buy you love. You dig?”
“Dig? I’m not a laborer!” Scrooge said. “And what’s all this nonsense about talking insects?”

Scrooge and the ghost of Bob Marley materialized on an enormous airship. The only passenger to be seen was a middle-aged version of Scrooge, lying on a hammock and scanning speculative stock options.
“I remember the day well!” Scrooge said to the reggae ghost. “It was my twenty-fifth anniversary celebration of creating Scrooge Computers. I rented an airship and took a voyage from New York City II to New Seattle. I think the ship was called the Air-Titanic – but it didn’t run into any icebergs.”
“A celebration? Then how come you’re the only one on the ship, mon?”
“What, and give those lollygaggers a paid day off? Never!” Scrooge said angrily. “Besides, it was my party – and as you can see, the guest list was perfect!”
Marley shook his head. “Alone as always.”

Next, Bob Marley’s ghost and Scrooge materialized in front of a monstrous skyscraper.
“Where are we now?” Scrooge said, confused. “All this zipping around is giving me a sick headache.”
“The future headquarters of Scrooge Computers. You end up buying the state of Rhode Island and using it as the foundation of the world’s greatest skyscraper.”
“Sounds like something I’d do!” Scrooge said. “Except maybe the Rhode Island part. I never really cared that much for that state. It must have been on sale.”
“Look at the side of the building, mon.” The ghost pointed to a bas-relief, bronze mural depicting a scrawny old man seated on a throne, surrounded by piles of money and rows of computers. “Your body is entombed in the side of this building, just under your metal image.”
“How delightful! Such a nice big tombstone!” Scrooge looked up. “Why, I bet you can see this building from Mars….”
“Don’t you see, mon? Even in death, Scrooge, you are alone. All alone!” A single tear rolled down the ghost’s cheek. “Now I suppose I should take you back, so you can change your life, you sad, lonely, pathetic, skinny-assed bastard. Have you learned your lesson yet, mon?”
“Yes, I have: the one with the most toys wins! And I’ve won!” Scrooge performed a victory dance that resembled a praying mantis having an epileptic seizure. “Yes, I want to go back and work harder, so I can make more money and buy a bigger state than Rhode Island!”
“No, mon! That isn’t what you’re suppose to learn–”
“However, I didn’t like that part about dying!”
“Ah! Now, mon, you’re starting to see the light.”
“Yes, I will have to do something about that.”

One week later, Scrooge was busy in his penthouse suite. He had been working, constantly working, ever since Bob Marley had dropped him off after their Christmas travels.
“Happy New Year, mon!” the ghost of Bob Marley said as he reappeared in Scrooge’s living room.
“Ah! You’ve returned,” Scrooge said. “I’m so glad you showed me my future. I’m going to change it for the better!”
“That is good, mon!”
“I’m not going to die now.” Scrooge hit a silver button on a remote control clutched in his bony hand. A sturdy stainless-steel cyborg marched into the room. “As soon as this old carcass of mine passes away, I’m going to have my brain implanted in this indestructible metal body – and I will live forever!”
Scrooge paused, gazing out the window at the falling snow, and then said softly, “God bless the rich – and Bah, humbug! to the poor.”


Michael McCarty Short Story Collections:
Available Amazon, Barnes & Noble or could be ordered at your favorite book store:

DARK DUETS by Michael McCarty (Wildside Press)
A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FIENDS by Michael McCarty (Wildside Press)
DRACULA TRANSFORMED & OTHER BLOODTHIRSTY TALES by Mark McLaughlin & Michael McCarty (Wildside Press)

A Little Help From My Fiends by Michael McCarty


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Ho-Ho-Horror! Stocking-Stuffers For Your Horror Fans

Looking for stocking stuffers for fans of horror and science fiction on your Christmas list? It doesn’t matter if they have been naughty or nice, Michael McCarty books (kindle, nook or trade paperbacks) make great gifties…


Here are my Top 10 suggestions


1) DRACULA TRANSFORMED AND OTHER BLOODTHIRSTY TALES by Mark McLaughlin & Michael McCarty (Wildside Press)

5 Dracula tales and 6 vampire short stories. Introduction by the Amazing Kreskin and an afterword by C. Dean Andersson. This should please any fan of the undead.


I Kissed A Ghoul

2) I KISSED A GHOUL by Michael McCarty (Curiosity Quills Press)

This YA book is about the horny Mayor’s son who tries to score every chance he gets, but fights monsters instead

Modern Mythmakers

My blog about I KISSED A GHOUL:


35 Interviews with the likes of Ray Bradbury, Elvira, Dean Koontz, The Cast & Crew of Night of the Living Dead, John Saul, John Carpenter, Laurell K. Hamilton, Richard Matheson, Joe McKinney, William F. Nolan, Christopher Moore and many more.


4) The BLOODLESS Series:
BLOODLESS by Michael McCarty and Jody LaGreca (Whiskey Creek Press) (CreateSpace)
BLOODLUST by Jody R. LaGreca and Michael McCarty (Whiskey Creek Press) (CreateSpace)
BLOODLINE by Michael McCarty and Jody LaGreca (Whiskey Creek Press)

A 100 vampire & Marilyn Monroe. The bloodsucker survives both the Lusitania and Hindenburg disasters but
can he survive raising a family too?


LIQUID DIET & MIDNIGHT SNACK by Michael McCarty (Whiskey Creek Press) (CreateSpace)

My first solo novel about a vampire doing an interview on an all-night gothic radio show: with callers, ads and some listeners who aren’t happy about a bloodsucker on the airwaves

Liquid Diet

My blog about LIQUID DIET:

6) A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FIENDS by Michael McCarty (Wildside Press)
A terrific short story collection with Beatles robots, vampires, zombies, invisible scientists … you will love it

1 mm


7) FEAR & DESIRE by S.A. Gambino & Michael McCarty (Wilder Publications)

Adult themed poems to send shivers down the spine and warm the heart


8) MONSTER BEHIND THE WHEEL by Michael McCarty & Mark McLaughlin (Medallion Press)

A haunted car novel with zombies… scary, sexy and some dark humor too

My blog about MONSTER:

9) GHOSTLY TALES OF ROUTE 66 by Michael McCarty & Connie Corcoran Wilson

True ghost stories set on the historic Route 66

10) DARK DUETS by Michael McCarty

My first short story collection …

My blog on DARK DUETS

The books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble …. etc etc etc. Below are the links for Amazon ebooks, trade paperbacks on their site too

(Dracula Transformed)

US Kindle:

(I Kissed A Ghoul)



(Modern Mythmakers)

(Bloodless Series):





MONSTER BEHIND THE WHEEL by Michael McCarty & Mark McLaughlin — a novel of rollicking horror:



Have a very, scary Christmas from Michael McCarty & Fiends …

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Night of the Living Dead & Modern Mythmakers

Do you like Night of the Living Dead? The original black and white creepy ’60s movie about the dead coming back to live to eat the living?
Who doesn’t?

(Kyra Schon)

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD cast and crew: John Russo, Russ Streiner (“They’re coming to get you Barbara!”) and Kyra Schon are all interviewed in my mega book MODERN MYTHMAKERS.

Also interviewed: John Carpenter, Dean Koontz, Dean Andersson, John Saul, Ray Bradbury, Joe McKinney, Linnea Quigley, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and many more.

George Romero and friends … or is that fiends?

(John Russo as a zombie)

Russ Streiner saying his most famous line….


(B&N paperback);jsessionid=91A52E90397D968950A727B82FCB0F94.prodny_store01-va06?ean=9780994662606

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Demon Theory by Stephen Graham Jones (Book Review)

I originally read the novel Demon Theory by Stephen Graham Jones about a decade ago. I recently re-read the book and even enjoyed it more the second time around.

Here is my book review that appeared in ESOTERIA-LAND by Michael McCarty, which is unfortunately out of print.

Demon Theory
by Stephen Graham Jones, MacAdams/Cage, 440 pgs., $24, 2005
Rating: ***

Take a tribute to dozens of horror movies, a group of young doctors in love, a ton of footnotes, a strong sense of humor, witty dialogue, gargoyle-like demons, the living dead, a creepy atmosphere, and some flying body parts; throw all of that in a blender, grind it into tasty chunks, and you’ll come out with something like Stephen Graham Jones’ novel, Demon Theory.
On Halloween, protagonist Hale gets a disturbing call from his diabetic mother. Mom asks him to come home immediately – to the place where his sister mysteriously disappeared years ago. Hale and a half-dozen of his fellow medical students return to the rural homestead, but end up stranded there because of a blizzard. They must then survive the long night ahead.
The story line is basically Stephen King’s The Shining (the book, the movie and the TV movie) melded with such films as Night of the Demons, Night of the Demons 2, Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Black Christmas (both the original and the remake), The Haunting (ditto), Storm of the Century (another of King’s works), and The Legend of Hell House.
And yet, this book is both original and unique. It is written as a literary film treatment, a three-part novelization of the feature film trilogy, The Devil Inside. With footnotes and pop-culture kitsch on almost every page, the novel feels like a movie within a movie inside of a book. It’s like channel-surfing late-night TV with the best horror films on the tube.
One suggestion – be sure to pay very close attention as you read, because the complex plot and footnotes will require your total focus. Even so, it’s a fun read, so it’s definitely worth the effort.
Demon Theory is intellectual horror with blood and guts thrown into the mix. Scary, sexy, surreal, and smart – a hell of a fine read!

If you like this blog or my other blogs please consider purchasing:
MODERN MYTHMAKERS … right now, the ebook and nook are only .99 cents. Links are below:




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Bruce Campbell in Iowa City

An Evening of Bruce Campbell in Iowa City, Iowa (a review of sorts)
by Michael McCarty

Tuesday, September 5, 2017 7:00 pm
The Englert Theatre, Iowa City, Iowa

This long strange adventure began, when my friend Brian Kronfeld told me, “Me, Quinn (Hernandez) and Izzy (Sutton) are going to go up to Iowa City and see Bruce Campbell. Are you?”

I really didn’t know anything about this and said, “I really don’t know anything about this.”

Then Brian said, “I’ll send you a link….”

I didn’t think there was really a chance, that myself and my lovely wife Cindy could see Bruce Campbell. You see, The Prairie Lights Bookstore and The Englert Theatre did the same thing a couple of years ago, when Stephen King came up there. The Prairie Lights provided the audience members with a signed edition of the book that Mr. King wrote and the theatre was the place he’d appear for a lecture.

Stephen King sold the 700 seat Englert Theatre out very quickly.

So when I clicked on the link and found it wasn’t sold out. That is when myself and my wife, Cindy got excited. We purchased two tickets as fast as the internet would let us.

(The promo for If Chins Could Kill, Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way and Hail To The Chins author and horror icon Bruce Campbell).

It was a strange time for me in my life, it was just after leaving my job at Orkin for about a year and a half and starting a new job with Terminix which I was returning back to.

My wife and I went to Zombie Burger in Iowa City, Iowa … which wasn’t that far away from The Englert Theatre.

(Zombie Burger, Iowa City, Iowa – Photo by Michael McCarty)

Cindy & I really enjoyed Zombie Burger … the food was good and the restaurant is all decked out everything Zombie….

(Cindy McCarty at Zombie Burger – Photo by Michael McCarty)

(Horror author Michael McCarty with a killer milkshake – Photo by Cindy McCarty)

So after feasting on burgers and milkshakes we are fueled up to walk the few blocks over to The Englert Theatre to stand in line in the rain with 700 other Bruce Campbell fans.

After about 30 minutes, we finally get into The Englert Theatre, which is very lovely. This theater has been around since the Vaudeville days and reminds me a lot of The Capitol Theatre in Downtown Davenport, where of course, we picked up an autographed copy of the book Hail To The Chins.

Bruce Campbell goes on stage shortly after 7pm….. he dressed in a plaid jacket, bow tie and was wearing glasses. Hey, I can’t say anything, I dressed in similar outfits myself.

The audience is going, “Bruce, Bruce, Bruce…”

Bruce takes the microphone and says, “When you go ‘Bruce,’ it sounds like your booing.” (The audience laughter fills The Englert Theatre. Then Bruce adds, “I should leave now, it couldn’t get any better than this.”

Right from the get go, you see that Bruce has stand-up comedy timing. I feel it has always been inside of Bruce Campbell and this is why it makes him so popular with his movies and books. That is my two cents worth and you can keep the change….

(The gang’s all here: Cindy McCarty, Quinn Hernandez, Brian Kronfeld and Izzy Sutton — Photo by Michael McCarty)

He talks about the book and his other books he has written (If Chins Could Kill and Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way). He talked about the behind the scenes story and how it relates to a chapter in his new book and then he reads the chapter.

Everything he talked about was fascinating. One of the things I thought was cool: “Thank you for your purchase of ‘Hail To The Chins.’ The book just hit number 8 on the New York Times bestsellers list because of your support….”

After that, he answers questions from the audience…

I tried to write as much Q&A in my notebook in the dark … this is the best I could do. Sorry if I misquoted anyone if I don’t get everything 100% correct:

(The golden ticket to get to the sold out Bruce Campbell show in Iowa City)

AUDIENCE: “You’ve done some voice over work for video games. Do you have any interesting stories about that?”

BRUCE: “Any interesting stories about sitting in the studio with a microphone saying things like:

‘Go right, ahead.’
‘Go left, ahead.’
‘Stop here….”
For four days.
Now is that exciting???? To some, maybe. For me, I just wanted to hang myself by the end of it.”

AUDIENCE: “Any tips for catching a chainsaw with one hand?”

BRUCE: “Yes, do less Mescaline.”

(Photo of Bruce Campbell by Michael McCarty)

AUDIENCE: “What was that orb all about in THE ADVENTURES OF BRISCO COUNTY, JR. The show never explained that.”

BRUCE: “We got canceled, we never had time.”

AUDIENCE: “After SPIDER-MAN, is there any Marvel film you’d like to do?”

BRUCE: “After naming SPIDER-MAN? Let’s review the films, sir:

In the first SPIDER-MAN movie, Peter Parker wants to enter the ring as ‘The Human Spider.’ As the Ring Master announcer I tell him, that name sucks and rename him Spider-Man. If the ring master wasn’t in that movie, this billion dollar franchise would be called ‘The Human Spider.’

In SPIDER-MAN 2, Peter Parker wants to see Mary Jane (Watson) because she’s in a play on Broadway.
(Imitating Peter Parker running: ‘I’m coming to see her after saving the world,’).
And I’m the snotty usher. I won’t let him in. Why? Because he’s late, it would spoil the illusion for the play.
Technically, I’m the only character that has defeated Spider-Man. (Loud round of applause).

In SPIDER-MAN 3, Peter Parker comes to me for help because I’m the Maitre D’. When does a super hero come to a mortal for help? Not very often.
Do I help him?
No – because he was such a D-Bag to me in the first two movies.
I hope that answers your question.”

AUDIENCE: “Is there any way to bring Ash into Jason or Freddy’s world?”

BRUCE: “No and No and No!!!
It was a creatively bankrupt idea anyway.”

AUDIENCE: “When is ASH VS. THE EVIL DEAD Season Three going to air?”

BRUCE: “When you get the memo, give me a call. Starz isn’t going to play it until February (2018). There are a lot of cogs. Starz was just purchased by Lionsgate. Starz is now a Lionsgate company. Our bosses have bosses. We’re in the middle of that dance. We all have to sing for our supper, sir. So we’re busy singing.
Season 3, I’d have to say, you will pick your jaw up off the ground after watching it.
To all the people out there who say, “Where’s Starz? Where can I get it at?” Download the free app, 30 day free trial. Watch the entire two seasons in about two and half hours. Then delete the app. I’m sorry if I couldn’t make it any easier or cheaper for you.”

After the Q&A, Bruce was signing the audience members books or movies (1 each). Cindy had Bruce sign IF CHINS COULD KILL and he said, “The predecessor,” with a wink.
I had the graphic novel that he co-wrote called THE MAN WITH THE SCREAMING BRAIN. Bruce said, “A literary classic.”
I gave Bruce autographed copies of my books: MODERN MYTHMAKERS: 35 INTERVIEWS WITH HORROR AND SCIENCE FICTION WRITERS AND FILMMAKERS and CONVERSATIONS WITH KRESKIN and said: “If you like these interviews, give me a call and I’d do an interview with you.” I never received a call back.

(My wife Cindy McCarty and Bruce Campbell … if you look carefully, on the floor is copies of my books: MODERN MYTHMAKERS: 35 INTERVIEWS WITH HORROR AND SCIENCE FICTION WRITERS AND FILMMAKERS by Michael McCarty and CONVERSATIONS WITH KRESKIN by The Amazing Kreskin and Michael McCarty
– Photo by Michael McCarty)

If you like this blog or my other blogs, please consider purchasing:
MODERN MYTHMAKERS … right now, the ebook and nook are only .99 cents. Links are below:



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Fiends & The 50th Anniversary The Beatles Sgt. Pepper Album

50th Anniversary The Beatles Sgt. Pepper Album & Horror
By Michael McCarty

Because it is the 50th Anniversary of the release of The Beatles revelatory album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band”

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
By The Beatles

Everybody is jumping on the bandwagon to pay homage or do a parody of the most famous cover artwork in rock n roll. I, Michael McCarty would not stoop that low, just to get a sale of one of my books…

Okay, actually I did… several years ago with my short story collection:

By Michael McCarty

Published by Wildside Press

My very good friend and frequent collaborator Mark McLaughlin did an excellent job reproducing The Fab Four as Monsters: Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Wolfman and Dracula and the fifth member … me.
(The skeletons in the background Mr. Bones & Mrs. Bones are also on the cover of DARK DUETS, which Mark also did the cover for)


A Little Help From My Fiends by Michael McCarty

The short story collection is one of my favorites too. There are two Beatle themed stories in the book: “When We Was Flab” (co-written with Mark McLaughlin) and “Sgt. Pager & The Killer Robot Band” (co-written with my wife, Cindy McCarty).

The story “The Substitute” inspired THE BLOODLESS series (that trilogy of novels, co-written with Jody R. LaGreca).

There are 20 stories in A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FIENDS and all of them are excellent, written when I was at the top of my game writing shorter fiction.

When the book first came out, Fangoria website, did an online interview with me and the sales soared. Thank you Fangoria.

I even received this nice review:

“Michael McCarty’s ‘A Little Help from My Fiends’ truly shines. His collection of short stories is a lovingly created, watered with blood and harvested at the peak of ripeness kind of work. The approach to the collection is so fresh that — were it a steak — you would note still a bit of warmth and even a faint pulse. You see, each story in this collection is co-authored with another excellent storyteller. Mark McLaughlin, Terrie Leigh Relf and Dave Miller, to name a few, make appearances. Each short story is prefaced with a few words that identify the co-author, point to an interesting tidbit of the tale’s creation, and never fail to show McCarty lauding the co-author while remaining modestly in the background.” — Sylvia Cochran

Over the years, the book has ended up in some strange places:


Scary … you will buy A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FIENDS … LOL



Links to my other Beatles Blog:
Hello Goodbye Interview With Alistair Taylor

Sir Paul McCartney and Alistair Taylor back stage

Peace and Love!!! I hope you enjoyed this blog!!!

So please check out this quirky collection A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FIENDS…. links below



(Amazon Trade Paperback)

(Barnes & Noble Trade Paperback)

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R.I.P. George Romero

George Romero and friends … or is that fiends?

George A. Romero (February 4, 1940 – July 16, 2017) was an American-Canadian filmmaker, writer and editor, best known for his series of gruesome and satirical horror films about an imagined zombie apocalypse, beginning with Night of the Living Dead (1968), which is often considered a progenitor of the fictional zombie of modern culture. Other films in the series include Dawn of the Dead (1978) and Day of the Dead (1985), Land of the Dead (2005), Diary of the Dead (2007) and Survivial of the Dead (2009). Aside from the Dead series, his works include The Crazies (1973), Martin (1978), Creepshow (1982), Monkey Shines (1988), The Dark Half (1993) and Bruiser (2000). He also created and executive produced the television series Tales from the Darkside (1983–1988).

Romero is often noted as an influential pioneer of the horror film genre, and has been called an “icon” and the “Father of the Zombie Film

The Day I ALMOST interviewed George Romero
By Michael McCarty

I came very, very close to interviewing George Romero. I was scheduled to talk to him, but his PR guy, mixed up the times (he was on West Coast time and I’m on Central time)…. so all I got was George calling my answering machine saying, “Mike… are you there?”

(I included the interviews below the MODERN MYTHMAKERS links)

However, Mark McLaughlin and I did interview several of the cast and crew of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD for my mega book of interviews:


Kyra Schon who played the little girl in the movie

John Russo who co-written the script and produced the movie

Russell Streiner who played Johnny in the movie and also produced it

All these interviews and more are in MODERN MYTHMAKERS … right now, the ebook and nook are only .99 cents. Links are below:



By Michael McCarty & Mark McLaughlin

1) How much of the zombie behavior in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD was mapped out in advance? Did you establish what behaviors zombies could or could not do?

2) In LAND OF THE DEAD the zombie Big Daddy, among others, exhibits learned behavior – for example – they get used to fireworks. Is that showing the zombies are learning, evolving or doing something else?

3) Tell us about the souped-up Dead Reckoning truck. Where did you get the idea for that?

4) There are no CGI effects in LAND OF THE DEAD. Was this an artistic or financial decision?

5) The world of LAND OF THE DEAD shows a big divide between the privileged and the downtrodden – the haves and the have nots. Do you think the United States is leading toward that direction?

6) DAY OF THE DEAD came out in 1985 and LAND OF THE DEAD came out in 2005. Why did it take two decades to do the fourth installment of the living dead series?

7) The zombies in your living dead series are of the slow moving variety. The zombies in 28 DAYS LATER, the remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD and RESIDENT EVIL are much more quicker. Any thoughts on why those other zombies operate in a faster pace?

8) What was it like to work with Dennis Hopper? Was he a fan of your zombie movies? Dennis is very conservative, while your more liberal. Any political debates on the set?

9) With each successive living dead movie, the female roles seem more active and determined. Was that a conscious decision, or just the way it worked out?

10) These days, low-budget, direct-to-video zombie movies are popping up like mushrooms in a forest after a rainstorm. Does that help or hurt sales and the reputation of your living dead movies?

11) Some of the low-budget zombies pay homage – or actually lift elements from your living dead movies. How do you feel about that – flattered or frustrated?

12) Many of your movies have had run-in with the ratings board, the MPAA. Are they doing their job or protecting the public or are they stifling your artistry?

13) What is the symbolic significance of the featureless white mask in BRUISER?

14) The ending of MARTIN seems to cry out for a follow up. Were you ever tempted to do a sequel?

15) Hollywood remade DAWN OF THE DEAD and DAY OF THE DEAD and is remaking THE CRAZIES. Do you think a remake of MARTIN will take place? Would you dive that project a thumbs-up?

16) Tom Savini was supposed to do the special effects for the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD film, but he was drafted and went to Vietnam. How would the movie been different if he’d done the special effects?

17) MONKEYSHINES was your only movie with an animal main character. How’d you like working with a monkey? How well did the monkey take directions?

18) What was your favorite story in CREEPSHOWS?

19) You’ve directed movies based on Stephen Kings’ works, like CREEPSHOW and THE DARK HALF. Are there any other Stephen King stories or novels you’d like to turn into a movie?

20) Last words?

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